Terje Haakonsen's

  Winter Sports
    Virtual Reality

Master the mountain- snowboard, ski, and wingsuit through ice and snow at crushing velocity. Race the clock and dominate the terrain with speed and skill.

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Game Features

Fight the clock and the terrain- drop down sheer cliffs, soar over glaciers, and slide across frozen lakes, dense forests and abandoned towns.

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3 ways to get down

Hit the slopes and choose between snowboarding, skiing, and wingsuiting your way to the finish!

6 different mountains

From the Pacific Northwest to the French Alps to the Alaskan wilderness, navigate a mix of fictional and real world mountains.

5 challenging modes

Obliterate every speed record downhill, get the high score with the sickest tricks in freestyle, or carve the perfect line in slalom.

Character creator

Personalize your look, select your gear, dress your color scheme. Then snap some photos or watch your run in instant replay.

Customize gameplay

Tweak arcade and simulation settings to recreate the feeling of shredding the mountainside and the thrill of catching air.

Unlimited chopper fuel

Earn enough medals to heli-drop anywhere you like and free-roam explore every inch of the mountain.

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